Genuine Service benefits

Genuine Service benefits

Using Genuine Service means a lot to our customers such as saving, peace of mind, advantage and trust.

Maintenance 1

Maintenance Means “Saving”

Periodic maintenance checks and interventions will reduce your operating expenses. You do not need to allocate personnel for the maintenance of the pumps in your facility and it will reduce your staff cost. The pumps will be adjusted on the values that your facility needs so that you save energy on this count. As time goes on and the parts with a certain lifetime are changed at the time of maintenance, the pump is prevented from causing serious and costly malfunction and low performance.

Original Spare Parts

Original Spare Part Means “Advantage”

Original spare parts have been designed, produced and tested according to the highest quality standards of the pumps. Non-genuine parts may closely appear like the originals but those will not have the same quality. This quality may not be visible to the eyes. So just because it “looks like” the same, it does not mean it matches the performance of original parts. The use of non-genuine spare parts is likely to cause unexpected troubles in your pump with the minimum life span.

Authorized Service Partners

Authorized Service Partners Means “Trust”

Authorized Service Partner knows your product with the details and makes the periodic / preventive maintenance by using original spare parts. Follows and record your product history from the moment you buy. Thus, your potential problems will be solved without going even further and costly phases. Please request Grundfos Authorized Service Partner Certificate from the companies you work. Or for the sake of your product lifetime, please do not work with the companies that are out of the Grundfos Authorized Service Partner List.