Data-light BIM assets

Building a lighter, more time efficient work file

Your challenge:

BIM is a valuable tool for managing every step of a building’s life cycle. It provides real-life simulation of all tasks related to design, construction, commission and operations. But BIM assets are often based on 3D drawings from the development of the product i.e. pump. This results in data-heavy files with a lot of detailed information about the appearance of the pump, which is of little value to BIM practitioners.

Our solution:

To ensure your workflow doesn’t suffer a dramatic decrease in speed, Grundfos purposely built BIM assets from scratch so they include data relevant to model users. Grundfos BIM assets is a data-light concept which can be rendered in a resolution to suit your needs and preferences. Access to all relevant service and maintenance information is included in the model, delivering high work speed and accuracy in operational data and geometry.

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BIM Video

Choose the right asset

Grundfos BIM data sets are built as type catalogues and include the full range of standard variants. This allows you to switch quickly between product sizes if system needs change during the design phase.

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