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Bahreyn’in su kaynakları Grundfos’la korunuyor
Large-scale wastewater pumps from Grundfos help Bahrain conserve its water resources as efficiently as possible.
Dubaı kuru havuzlarında geniş hacimli sular kontrol altında
Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The Dubai Drydocks have moved on from their early beginnings in 1971 to become one of the leading ship repair yards in the world – and the premier yard between Europe and the Far East.
Dubai'de başarmak
Just a century ago Dubai was little more than a desert-strewn landscape where Bedouin tribes roamed the sands.
How a Belgian hospital can grow 40% without growing energy use
Pump replacement will help UZ Brussel become one of Belgium’s most sustainable hospitals
Leadership demands state-of-the-art solutions
Istanbul, Turkey: When Established in 1924 just after the Republic of Turkey was formed, Isbank holds the honour of being the country’s first truly national bank. Today, Isbank tops the list of Turkey’s most respected enterprises, and is included among the world’s largest corporations. In 2000, the bank opened its new headquarters in Istanbul, The complex consists of three towers: the highest is 53 stories high and the two smaller towers are 34 stories high. It contains the bank’s main branch...
Meşhed, İran’daki Alteymour Atık Su Arıtma Tesisi’nde kapasite arttırıldı
Pumping and dosing solutions supplied for WWTP enlargement
Sudi Arabistan’daki Pompa İstasyonu Grundfos Pompalarıyla Yeniden İşlerlik ...
The water sector is one of the most vital for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Being a desert country with a large agricultural and industrial base and a growing population makes the handling of wastewater essential.