When cooling in Turkey becomes hot business


New pumps and frequency convertors have made a striking difference for Kanyon shopping mall in Istanbul. The project has transformed the 225,000 square metre building into a more sustainable place to go shopping.

omfort for customers in the most sustainable and cost efficient way is key at Kanyon shopping mall. Located in the heart of Istanbul, the mall offers 160 stores, a cinema and a fitness centre. With thousands of visitors every day, the engine room plays an important role in securing the right comfort. So when the management decided to renovate condensers and evaporators, the pumps in the system attracted the first attention. Because Project Director Tuncer Kınıklı already knew the Pump Audit carried out by Grundfos, he called for advice.

“Sustainability is an integrated part of our management philosophy, and this is primarily led by our energy efficiency related efforts. We are always following advancing technologies at fairs and talking to the leading companies within this area,” he says.

A Good choice

The Pump Audit revealed that significant energy savings could be reached and after replacing eight NK pumps with new NB pumps with separate frequency convertors for each of the eight pumps and adding frequency convertors to eight existing pumps, the job was done. Following the changes to the system, pumps are now dynamically balanced and work at their most efficient point.

The replacement resulted in an energy reduction on the particular system of 468,000 kwh per year, which is equal with a 60 per cent reduction. And with the payback time being a little more than two years, the decision to go for the changes was quite easy for Tuncer Kınıklı.

“This project is definitely a cost-saving, energy efficient and environment friendly investment and all sustainable and cost saving projects that lead to a more efficient use of our company’s resources are very important for us,” he says.

Future potential

Tuncer Kınıklı explains that he is very aware of the fact, that expert companies are close followers of the latest technologies, and that working with experts has always been the philosophy for him and the company.

“Working with Grundfos was surely the right decision, because of their solution-oriented approach as the integration of the existing system and a smooth transition of the process were important for us,” he says.

At the Grundfos sales company in Turkey, Region Manager Murat Emir is pleased to see the positive outcome of the collaboration.

“Our products pave the way for being a candidate to such a project and together with our ability to understand and cooperate with the customer, we can offer a suitable and efficient solution,” he says.

With the inspiration of this project, Tuncer Kınıklı and his team will have a look at the other systems in the building:

“The savings we have achieved with this project are very impressive, and therefore we are going to continue to make such improvements. Offering solutions from Pump Audit, to on-site installation and commissioning processes, we believe Grundfos will continue to be one of our partners for energy efficient pump solutions.”