Grundfos MAGNA 1 gets smarter


Grundfos MAGNA 1 gets smarter

One of the most popular basic circulation pumps on the market, the Grundfos MAGNA1, has been upgraded to include new communication features previously found only on more sophisticated and expensive models.

Favoured by consultants, engineers and end users as a cost-effective replacement for previous UPS simple pumps, MAGNA1 pumps are recognized for their reliability, energy efficiency, ease of installation and simple, push-button set-up.

Following discussion with customers, however, additional features have now been added which enable the pumps to be integrated into a simple PLC or BMS set-up. A new external output allows the pump to be stopped and started remotely to accommodate changes in ambient temperature and provide additional protection against boiler damage, whilst a new alarm relay, linked directly via the Grundfos GO handheld remote system gives immediate warning of pump failure, thus helping to eliminate system damage and down-time.

A new connectivity feature in the MAGNA 1 D also enables the pump to be linked wirelessly to a sister pump or head, reducing stress on the system by alternate load sharing, and enabling flow capacities of up to 70m3 per hour to be safely accommodated. In the case of failure in one pump head, the twin pump system will cascade and automatically switch the load to the remaining pump head, increasing system security and efficiency.

Introducing the new improved pump range, Grundfos’ HVAC Product Manager, Ronak Monga, said, “With the upgraded MAGNA1 range, we are now offering customers an advanced base-level solution that offers many of the features of more expensive and sophisticated pumps, for projects where competitive pricing is important. MAGNA1 is simple in concept, very reliable and easy to install as a replacement for old, less efficient pumps, but the new features mean it offers much greater security and efficiency – maintaining constant internal comfort levels and preventing chiller breakdowns due to pump freezing.

“It also takes high system flow capacities in its stride and operates across a wide temperature range – from minus 10o right up to 110oC, so is ideal for the full range of HVAC applications”. Initially available on all Large and XL MAGNA1 models, the new features will be rolled out across smaller MAGNA1 models by early 2018. The MAGNA3 range will remain available for customers requiring fully automated control within a sophisticated CMS system.

A range of supporting documentation, including full performance data and replacement list, plus a guide to help customers select the correct MAGNA pump for any application, are available on