Demand for HVAC training takes Grundfos by surprise


Demand for HVAC training takes Grundfos by surprise

Pump manufacturer, Grundfos, has been taken by surprise by the high level of demand from MEP consultants, following the announcement of its new HVAC Training Course.

Just 4 days after announcing its first HVAC training course in Dubai on 24th July, the company was forced to follow this up with a second course two days later to accommodate the unexpectedly high registration of 65 delegates from across Dubai  and Abu Dhabi.

The specialized course was designed to give consultants involved in the design and specification of Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning systems for commercial buildings, a basic understanding of pump, motor and electrical theory and ways of optimizing piping schemes for HVAC systems. It included an in-depth look into modern Variable Primary Flow systems that use fewer pumps and piped connections than the old primary/secondary flow systems, and are more efficient and cheaper to run.

Finally, the delegates were taken through Grundfos’ wide range of HVAC pumps and accessories and how the company’s advanced control systems can be used to optimize the performance and efficiency of both new and existing installations.

Course presenter, Ronak Monga said “Every building, be it a hospital, hotel, office tower or airport terminal, has its own unique heating and cooling requirements. It is important, therefore, that the MEP team not only understand the basics of system design, but are fully aware of the range of new technology and techniques now being used by Grundfos in developing ever more efficient and intelligent system solutions.

“As world leader in advanced pump solutions, Grundfos has more experience and knowledge of pump solutions than any other company and, with increasing environmental pressures and the need to reduce energy usage, it is more important than ever that we share this knowledge with our customers through training courses such as this.”