Companies across the UAE welcome new ‘Energy Check’


Companies across the UAE welcome new ‘Energy Check’

With firms facing increasingly demanding environmental obligations and the need to cut energy usage and reduce costs, Tolga Candan, Business Development Manager Energy Optimization and Retrofit at Grundfos Gulf Distribution, looks at how a new Energy Check initiative is starting to make a significant impact for companies across the Middle East.

Pumps are essential to every home, business and industrial process – bringing us water for drinking, cleansing and agriculture, and helping in the processing of everyday items, from waste to pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs.  Operating them requires a vast amount of energy – an estimated 10% of all energy produced worldwide – but many of our pumps are outdated and hopelessly inefficient.

With almost every organization today faced with environmental obligations and rising energy costs, Grundfos, as the global leader in advanced pump technology, has stepped in with an initiative that is already helping engineers, consultants and business owners to build and operate more efficient pumping systems.

Specially trained energy teams

New to the Middle East, the ‘Energy Check’ service is offered free-of-charge by Grundfos Gulf to organisations operating significant pumped systems, particularly older systems where it is likely that major inefficiencies are present. Carried out by energy teams specially trained by Grundfos, Energy Check involves a full site survey and inspection of all pump equipment, which is then assessed against current and future demands.

The customer receives a comprehensive report detailing suggested changes, along with estimated energy savings, investment required and ROI, plus the amount of CO2 pollution that could be avoided.

Customers requiring a more detailed survey can opt for an in-depth ‘Pump Audit’, where specialist equipment is used to test the system and measure the efficiency of each pump. In view of the complex nature of the audit, customers are expected to pay for the check, with charges refunded against the cost of any resultant work.  

Local companies already taking advantage of the scheme

The success of the initial scheme means that a range of local businesses, from hotels to production and water treatment plants, are already counting the ongoing savings they are achieving following an Energy Check

Unilever reaping the benefits

Keen to cut energy demand for their pumped systems, local business, Unilever, called in Grundfos for a Pump Audit in their factory.  What the team found were 20- year old pumps with huge, constant run, 37kW motors, that were far too powerful for demand, and could only be controlled by closing-down discharge valves. As a result, smaller 15kW motors were fitted that fully accommodated current and projected demand and cut running costs by over 50%. Opting for Grundfos variable speed pumps enabled Unilever to cut this figure by a further 20%, paying back their investment in just a year. 

Control can be key

It was a similar story for engineers at Dubai’s Sheraton Hotel, where an Energy Check on secondary pump systems found that, by changing their old BMS for a Grundfos Dedicated Control Unit, energy consumption would reduce by 210,2540 kWh per year – with system reliability increased, noise cut and maintenance simplified, into the bargain.

The list goes on, with Energy Check identifying a 25% cut in energy usage for a waste water treatment system in Ajman by installing Grundfos Dedicated Controls and web-based Remote Management System, and dramatically reducing ongoing breakdowns and pressure surges at Dubai’s showpiece DWC HQ by fitting a Grundfos Boosting Pump set and converting the control system. 

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