Breaking the barriers in dosing


Breaking the barriers in dosing

Grundfos, a global leader in advanced pump technology, has launched a new generation of easy-to-use, digitally-operated dosing pumps which significantly extend the range of chemicals and high viscosity additives that can be accurately dosed into continuous industrial processes.

Launching the new SMART DIGITAL XL DDA and DDE diaphragm dosing pumps to an audience of 80 VIP customers from across the Greater Middle East in the luxurious surrounding of Dubai’s Jumeirah Golf Estate, Grundfos Area Managing Director, Henning Sandager, said,

“Accurate dosing of chemical additives is absolutely crucial to a range of business processes across the Middle East – from drinking and waste water treatment to chemical and pharmaceutical processing and even food and drink manufacture.”

“The new 3rd generation dosing pumps build on the industry-leading accuracy of our established models, but now extend the pumps’ application into a range of more demanding processes, enabling targets to be achieved more safely and reliably, whilst improving process efficiency and reducing wastage of expensive chemical additives.”

The latest SMART DIGITAL XL pumps utilize advanced diaphragm dosing technology which delivers a dosing flow of up to 200 liters/hour at a pressure of up to 10 bar, well within the target range of most industrial processes, whilst ensuring full scale repeatability accuracy of +0.1% and a consistent process outcome. The diaphragm is resistant to virtually all chemicals and can handle high viscosity liquids up to 3000 mPas, with deaeration features on the DDA model now allowing dosing of degassing chemicals.

The flexibility of the new range is such that the entire range of applications is covered by just three models, which offer different display and communication options, as well as of a choice of control and monitoring features to suit individual processes.

“Investing in new and innovative solutions to solve customer problems, improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption, is embedded in the Grundfos DNA”, said Henning. “The new SMART DIGITAL XL DDA and DDE pumps deliver an unmatched level of accuracy and reliability, and now extend the range of applications throughout industries that are crucially important to the Middle East’s future”.

During the event, Grundfos also introduced the audience to the latest state-of-the-art Grundfos Oxiperm PRO and Oxiperm ISIA Chlorine Dioxide on-site generators, designed for disinfection of drinking water and water mist, and to address a range of other issues including inefficient cooling towers and legionella in hotels and public buildings.