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Picture of Henning Sandager

Henning Sandager Andersen, Area Managing Director for Grundfos Middle East and Turkey

On January 1st, 2014, Henning Sandager Andersen relocated from Denmark to Dubai and took up his office as Area Managing Director for Grundfos Middle East and Turkey. The Grundfos Middle East operation includes the 4 legal entities, Grundfos Egypt, Grundfos Saudi Arabia, Grundfos Turkey and Grundfos Gulf Distribution incl. export markets, covering a total of 16 countries.

"Grundfos is paving the way for the future, making it their mission to improve quality of life for people and care for the planet by engaging and educating our next generation of leaders for a sustainable tomorrow" says Henning.

Henning Sandager Andersen comes with a solid career background with Grundfos, where he started back in 1982 after graduating as Marine Engineer. During his first years with Grundfos, he was involved with sales and service and in connection with the establishment of the first Grundfos company in the Middle East he relocated to Saudi Arabia in 1985 as Technical Sales Manager. In 1995 he was promoted to Vice President, Group Product Manager with a position in R&D in Denmark. This position further developed into Group Senior Vice President within Business Development in 2009.

During his career period he has been appointed Chairman of newly acquired companies and New Biz companies as well as board members in various Grundfos companies worldwide.

"We are looking forward to broaden our family and take one step towards solving the world’s water problem by finding today’s talents who might be tomorrow’s leaders."

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